The focus of SvarnaVriksh would be the Special Needs Community, who would be the primary beneficiaries. There are many other sections of the society who need support and help on an ongoing basis.  SvarnaVriksh has taken cognizance of this requirement and wishes to play a part in the alleviation of some the shortcomings faced by young children who do not have families. The Orphanage segment has been identified as a Secondary Beneficiary for SvarnaVriksh.

Patrons who support SvarnaVriksh, apart from buying for themselves, their friends and relatives, can purchase the goods for donation to these charity organisations supporting Orphanages. The needs of these homes have been identified and easy to order Combo-packs have been made available, for the patrons to choose the requirments, according to their budgets.  Patrons can support one or more charitable organisations to commemmorate any anniversaries, celebrations etc, apart from routine donations.

SvarnaVriksh, would like inform the Patrons who wish to donate, that the underlying Fruits, Vegetables & Groceries and/or the date of making this available to the charity organisation may slightly be varied, to ensure that there is no oversupply on a given date, especially, where the goods are perishable. However,  donations made to comemmorate anniversaries would be accomodated keeping in mind the sentiments of the Patrons. However, confirmations would be sent regarding the actual donations.

Patrons can find the list of  Charity Organisations and their estimated needs under the Charity section.