What we do


Our model starts by partnering with local organizations like vocational rehab centres, who have long-standing familiarity with the needs of the intellectually challenged community. We work with these organizations to train our beneficiaries to complete simple tasks (such as chopping and packing vegetables) and to supervise their work output and provide guidance as needed.

In parallel, we partner with other stakeholders (including corporations, gated apartment communities, and the families of our beneficiaries) to identify and consolidate “customer communities” that are dedicated to supporting our beneficiaries by making regular purchases.

SvarnaVrikshs partner organization, HelpCircle, provides the technology platform that enables customers to view and order products through any web-enabled device. The orders are tracked daily, and used to inform procurement for the following day. The ordering interface and procurement activities are performed centrally by SvarnaVriksh to leverage efficiencies of scale. 

By training our beneficiaries to distribute the products directly to their buyers, SvarnaVriksh creates social value and sensitizes the general public to the special-needs community through repeated human interaction. 

Finally, through the SvarnaVriksh Foundation, we ensure that a portion of the revenue derived from sales is adequately managed in an investment pool that provides a secure future for our beneficiaries.