• Registration Process

    • How to Register?

      Clicking on the "Register" link at the top right corner of the homepage. You would need to choose a Username and Password in the form. There are a few mandatory fields, highlighted, which you need to update.   Please review the terms and conditions, and submit the registration information.  


    • Is Registration compulsory for shopping in HelpCircle.com?

      Anyone can visit the site and peruse. One can also add products to the Shopping Cart. However, at the time of Checkout, one needs to login, if already registered. Else, will have to Register, post which they can complete shopping.



    • Who can Register?

      Any individual who is able to conduct transactions over internet to pay in Indian Rupees can Register. They could be resident outside of the cities where this service is offered and even outside the country.

    • Help me understand more about Choosing Support groups and Beneficiaries

      HelpCircle.com is the platform to support various social causes. Currently it supports SvarnaVriksh, an organisation working for empowering Special Needs Community. Choose a city, where the service is currently offered and an organisation. Under this you would find many agencies, associated with SvarnaVriksh or similar organisations.  A beneficiary is the individual or an Organisation who is going to be the beneficiary of transactions that Patrons like you would effect.

    • Are there any charges for registration?

      No. Registration in Helpcircle.com is free.

    • Are Multiple Registrations allowed?

      The entire program has been so designed for an individual to have a Unique Account. A unique email address and contact phone number is linked with one helpcircle account.

    • What is the Billing Address in Registration?

      This is the important piece of Registration information, where registered patrons ordinarily stay and per records of the bank or credit card issuer.

    • There are certain other information - about how I got to know, organisation that I work etc. Why is this required?

      Quite a valid query. If you were referred by a friend who already is a Patron of SvarnaVriksh powered by Helpcircle.com, you may be eligible for some offers at the time of Registration and first order or even subsequently. Your friend who referred, may also get some Wallet points.
      SvarnaVriksh powered by Helpcircle.com along with its Support organisations may work with Corporates to spread the reach, in which case special offers maybe made available, if you are an employee of such organisation.

  • Service Area

    • Do you service all over the city, wherever you operate?

      We would love to service all over the city and help our Patrons support the causes powered by helpcircle.com. Presently, our delivery locations (hyperlink) are limited to a range of Postal codes

    • Can I not register, if the delivery location is not serviced,

      Ofcourse, you can register. While updating the delivery location, which is not serviced presently, a message would be prompted to let you know that the location is not presently serviced. However, the request is stored and new locations added based on patronage from new areas, from time to time.

  • My Account

    • How do I add new beneficiaries?

      You should be able to do it very easily. Please chose Add Beneficiary from the options provided for that purpose.

    • What is the Shipping Address?

      Shipping address or Delivery Address is one where the products purchased is expected to be delivered to you. This address should be in the City services by SvarnaVriksh powered by Helpcircle.com. This could be the Billing Address and  if it is so, by checking the box, the billing address is automatically copied and save you time.

    • Can I have multiple Delivery addresses?

      You can have as many as you wish to have. The delivery addresses could be of your relatives, friends who reside in the city. It could be your office address, if your residence is not serviced but the place where you work is serviced. Whenever you place a new order, you can chose one of the existing delivery addresses or create a new address, provided it is serviced.

    • What is My Account?

      My Account is the section you reach after you log into Helpcircle.com. This is your record or the key with which you transact  and manage your activities - track your order, previous orders, wallet points etc. You can also modify your contact details, beneficiaries and delivery locations, from time to time 

    • What is Previous Order

      By clicking on Previous Order - you are able to view the prior order from history. You can Add it to the Cart, to enable easier shopping this time, from here you can modify the quantities and the products you want to shop this time.
      By Adding it to Wish List, the previous Order is kept as a preferred list, till you modify or delete it.

    • What is My Shopping List?

      My Shopping List is a comprehensive list of all the items previously ordered by you on helpcircle.com. This enables you to shop quickly and easily in future.

  • Cancel the Order

    • Can I cancel the Order placed?

      Orders placed is in the 'New' Category. It then moves to ' Invoiced' category, when it is being processed. At this stage, it cannot be cancelled. In other words, orders placed and in 'New' category can be cancelled, but not when it is in Invoiced Category. Once delivery is done, the transaction is in the 'Completed' status

    • Can I get a Refund of the Order cancelled?

      You can request for a Cancellation of Order, until the order is in the 'New' state. In which case, the value of the order is credited to the Wallet. SvarnaVriksh may charge a small fee for cancellation.

    • Can I get a Cash Refund of the Order Cancelled?

      SvarnaVriksh powered by helpCircle.com has patrons like you, supporting a social cause. Refund of cancelled Orders requires a lot of administrative efforts and costs a lot of money - bank charges, courier of DD etc. We would actively request our patrons to take the credit in the Wallet and use it against new purchases.  

  • Change Password

    • How do I reset my password?

      Forgetting password is very common these days. To enable a quick recovery, you need to enter your User ID and email address on the Login page and click on forgot password. An email with a reset password link will be sent to your email address.