Who we are


SvarnaVriksh is a social enterprise that provides enduring opportunities for individuals with Special Needs. Our primary beneficiaries are individuals who suffer from intellectual conditions such as autism and other learning disorders.  SvarnaVrikshs model coordinates efforts between multiple stakeholders (i.e. corporations, training centres, household communities and secondary beneficiaries) in order to:


> Provide vocational training for intellectually challenged individuals to enable them to add value by processing and packaging white label (unbranded) products, such as food and handicrafts


> Create and sustain captive consumer markets for these goods, as well as provide a high-tech ordering interface 


> Empower our beneficiaries and promote inclusion - Opportunities  to distribute the products themselves 


> Support other Charitable Organisations that focus on Senior Citizens, Orphanages - our patrons can donate Fruits, Vegetables and groceries that have been packed by the beneficiaries