About SvarnaVriksh

Welcome to HelpCircle and SvarnaVriksh 


HelpCircle is an innovative concept to engage the well-meaning citizens to support noble causes, without financial or physical strain. By leveraging the technology and e-commerce, HelpCircle, works with organisations that support specific causes. SvarnaVriksh, is the first such initiative, focussing on Special Needs Young Adults, based out of Chennai, India. We will expand this program to other noble causes sooner.

By associating withSvarnaVriksh, Powered by HelpCircle, you have taken an important step closer to making a huge impact to the lives of Special Needs Community to lead their life with Dignity and Self Respect.  You could not only buy your daily requirements of Fruits& Vegetables, Groceries etc, you also have an opportunity to buy Arts and Crafts. Every product you buy here is brought to you by this Special and Lovely People, Especially for You. 

This pioneering concept will help you fulfill your Social Responsibility, by purchasing for various charity organisations - Oldage homes,Orphangages etc. This would help you support multiple purposes all at the same time.Currently available in Chennai, but you can support this from anywhere in the world.